Jealous of talented people.

Jealous of talented people – Audio Clip to lennon and Maisy

I never noticed this much before but recently its starting to bother me. I am so god damn jealous of all these talented young people in the world who slowly but surely taking over the world. I’m not saying anything against them, I am commending them infact..through my display of jealousy?

Tennagers now who are incredibly famous such as Justin Beiber, Selena Gomez, Saoirse Ronan. They all started out so young, either on commercials, shows likes Barney or just youtube videos. Before I used to think it was all just because of there pushy parents and that they couldn’t actually sing or act..but I have matured since then and have stopped being in denial. They are all actually very very talented. Lets face it people, although his songs aren’t the best, Justin Beiber CAN sing.

This audio clip is one of many by this lovely duet, both under the age of 12! They are insanely talented and I’m taking a wild guess by saying they have absolutely no talent, its all natural. How can someone not be jealous of this? They are insane!

So yes, basically I wish by parents had past on some hereditary singing voice or even flexible-ness, just something I could run with and become one of these incredible artists. With Lennon and Maisy, you would swear they have been singing for years and years together, but that’s impossible because they have barely been alive for years and years! They are just THAT good!

Since coming to college I have realised something, fame is for me. i am not sure in what shape or form this fame is going to arrive in, but it will. Just you wait people..Lennon and Maisy will be watching my video’s someday!

Big love.


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